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In 2022, the world's nonwoven roll fabric manufacturer top 40 Dalian Ruiguang Nonwoven Group ranked 20th
Release time:2022-09-17
In September 2022, Nonwovens Industry released the top 40 in the 2022 world nonwoven roll fabric manufacturer, and Dalian Ruiguang nonwoven Group ranked 20th, which was two position higher than the last year. Although many leading companies are located in mature markets such as the United States and Western Europe, companies from developing countries and regions are gradually playing a greater role. Companies from developing countries such as Brazil, Turkey, China, and Czech Republic sales amount have continued to grow. Many of them have made great efforts to invest and acquire new production lines, which means that their rankings will be higher in the next few years.

In the past 12 months, the global economic situation has changed, and the nonwoven fabric industry has also changed a lot. The busy days of new line investment and acquisitions seemed to have passed, and the whole cycle was quite calm. Of course, the slowdown in investment is nothing new for the nonwoven fabric industry. The growth of the market will promote the improvement of production lines running rate and promote the reinvestment of manufacturers. This industry will enter the investment model from insufficient production capacity every few years, and then the production capacity will be excessive, and then return to digestion and adjustment capacity. 

However, the difference is that the nonwoven fabric manufacturers around the world today are facing more and greater challenges when waiting their production line utilization rate fully exerted. Today's world economic situation has pushed high energy prices at an unprecedented speed, the raw material prices rising, interruptions of supply chain, and employee shortages, facing these challenges, the task of nonwoven fabric manufacturers is to reduce the impact on the environment and make their products and operations more sustainable. This means testing new raw materials, developing new products, and promoting the market acceptance.

Although the nonwoven fabric industry is facing unprecedented challenges, but Dalian Ruiguang Group will continue to develop and innovate in the future, to help customers provide consumers with more environmentally friendly options in various fields such as baby care, home wet towels, adult incontinence, and industrial wipes.